BHP considers as essential key element the protection and environmental safeguard.

The environmental culture becomes active and integral part of our business reality of all levels and all functions.

The business purpose is the customer satisfaction working in a healthy environment and in absence of negative impacts.

The protection of the environment is an essential factor of our business.

We develop our activities in conformity to the accords and the international standards, with respect of the laws, rules and national politics.

– The environmental management of BHP is based on prevention, protection and information sharing.

– We manage waste according to regulations, when possible material are recycled: BHP reduces as possible the environment impact.

– BHP improves the efficiency of production activities also for energy saving purposes and promote the correct use of natural and resources.

– The business processes are planned in function of continuous improvement.

BHP invites customers to recycle materials packaging / products at the end of life, following the instructions of the nearest waste recycling center.