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Brake Hose Production srl (BHP) is an enterprise born in January 2007 as a spin-off of the Freudenberg Group. BHP designs and produces very high quality brake hoses for automotive aftermarket thankfulness its tens-yearly experience in production.
The high quality of the components combined to the rigorously compliance of the original parts production procedures, makes BHP brake hoses comparable to the original equipment installed on your car.
An advanced measurement department, united to the 8 control steps performed before, during and after production, ensure that all products respect the tiny given tolerance and monitor constantly the production process.
Moreover BHP offers a unique possibility of personalization of its products to perfectly fit customer needs.
Despite the high quality of our products, the prices that we offer are competitive since BHP is the direct producer and not a retailer.

Modern high precision machines
expressly designed to offer
the best Precision and Quality
of the Brake Hoses

Brake Hose Production srl
is placed next to Turin, ITALY,
one of the major industrial
Automotive Centres of Europe

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